Linking the worlds of higher education in Europe and China.

At Edvance Education International we promote and facilitate academic cooperation, educational exchange and student mobility between Europe and China.

As a business-to-business consultancy with a wealth of practical expertise and hands-on experience, we support our partners in Europe and China make the right decisions in developing and implementing effective internationalization strategies. We assist universities, schools, government departments and national education agencies develop their vision on a meaningful engagement with China. We help identify opportunities and challenges, determine priorities, set manageable and measurable objectives, and design concrete strategies to achieve those goals. Through our extensive networks in China, among universities, government departments, recruitment agencies and the media, we identify partners and develop effective collaborations. We also set up and manage international mobility, exchange and recruitment schemes. Through the delivery of a wide range of services, we focus in particular on strategy and skills development, marketing and recruitment management, and university representation.

In Europe, we are all progressively aware of the enormous impact that China is going to have - and already has - on our economies and financial systems, on our businesses and industries, on our societies and even on our culture. This influence will no doubt extent to the areas of higher education and academia as well. China has been the leading source of international students and researchers to our universities for years. It is now also establishing itself as a leading study destination for international students and as an academic powerhouse in various disciplines. This obviously offers great opportunities to European students and universities. At the same time, it may greatly limit the future capabilities of European institutions to attract international talent, as China becomes a formidable contender for students from every corner of the world. As more Chinese universities feature in the international rankings, as massive and ultra-modern university towns and research centers are set-up around the country, as Confucius Centers emerge around the world “as bamboo shoots in the morning dew” and as Shanghai high-school students easily out-score their western peers in the annual PISA test, China is definitely starting to make a splash on the international education market. Are you prepared for an emerging China? How will you engage?

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